5 Reasons to Buy a Sparking Water Tap.

5 Reasons to Buy a Sparking Water Tap.

Fancy having sparking water on tap! Now you can enjoy the luxury of effervescence in your drinks with Fohen’s super versatile 5 in 1 sparking water taps. We’re used to seeing carbonated water taps in bars and restaurants, but fizzy water on tap at home is quickly becoming a kitchen sensation with people realising the benefits over buying fizzy drinks in bottles. As well as being the latest in kitchen tap technology, investing in a fizzy water tap offers more benefits than might first meet the eye.

Discover the top 5 reasons to buy a sparkling water tap, from aiding digestion to jazzing up your drinks, these clever taps can completely transform your hydration rituals.

1: Fizzy drinks on demand!

Plain fizzy water can be a refreshing pick me up. More sophisticated than still water, it tingles the taste buds for a satisfying experience. Not only this, but you can add your favourite flavours to make interesting beverages to quench your thirst and inject some taste into your hydration routine.

Try a few of the tips below to discover easy to make fizzy drinks that will add a sparkle to your day.

Sparkling Lemon Juice: Freshly squeeze a lemon and add to your carbonated water with a few cubes of ice for a refreshingly zingy drink. For those that prefer a sweeter taste, add a little sweetener or honey for a sweet-flavoured thirst-quencher.

Fruit Infused Fizz: Take your sparkling water pleasure to the next level with this simple and quick trick. Just add your favourite fruits. It's as simple as that. The natural flavours will meld with the water for a truly delicious tipple.

Bubbling Berry Crush: Take a handful of your favourite berries and crush with ice. You can use any berries you like such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries depending on your taste. Add to your carbonated water, and hey presto, enjoy a delightful drink bursting with flavour.

Sparkling Iced Tea: Brew a tea bag in a small amount of water and let it cool. Pour your brew into a glass, add cool water and ice for a sparkling iced tea experience. You can even add a little lemon or a sprig of mint for extra taste.

As well as the above, you could try adding cucumber to your drinks for a classy, and cooling beverage, or try making your favourite fizzy mocktails. You can even buy syrups specially designed for carbonated water so you can recreate your favourite soda drinks at home.

The possibilities are endless and the best thing is you won’t be creating plastic waste as your fizzy water comes straight out of the tap!

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2. Aid Digestion

Drinking sparkling water has been shown to aid digestion. A study carried out by the GI society on the effects of carbonated water compared to still tap water on the digestive system found that participants that drank sparkling water reported less constipation and a reduction in dyspepsia (indigestion).

3. Improve wellness & aid weight loss

Hydration is vitally important for the body. Since the human body is composed of around 60% water, ensuring you drink enough water to maintain health is essential. Just some of the crucial bodily functions water plays a vital role in include: cell function, detoxification, balance of electrolytes, temperature regulation, digestion, healthy circulation and heart health, cognitive function, and skin health.

So, it’s not surprising that we feel sluggish, less focused, and thirsty when we’re dehydrated. Our bodies are literally crying out to be quenched.

The ability to make more interesting drinks at home can up your water intake and help you cut down on calorific fizzy drinks. Choosing healthier hydration habits can do wonders for the waistline, as water is free from calories, so swapping sugary drinks for water can help you lose weight, and promote a healthier mindset.

4. Reduce Plastic Waste

Traditionally, carbonated water is shop bought in bottles. So, if you’re partial to a bubbly refreshment, having a sparkling water tap can drastically reduce plastic bottled water waste, helping you do your bit for the environment.

According to Statista, it is estimated that UK households throw away 66 items of plastic waste per week! You may be led to believe that all your single use plastic waste is recycled, but according to Greenpeace, this is far from the truth. Not all of it gets recycled, instead some of it ends up in incinerators or landfill, or is even shipped overseas to poorer countries where it may end up illegally dumped or burned.

A fizzy water tap will not only help you cut down plastic waste but will also free up space in your fridge and cupboards.

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5. Save money

Buying bottled drinks costs money. At the time of writing, Schweppes soda water costs on average around £1.75 for a 1 litre bottle. Based on a single helping of 250ml, you will only get 4 glasses from a 1 litre bottle.

In comparison, a CO2 refill bottle for a Fohen sparkling water tap can produce up to 84 litres of fizzy water and only costs £59. That equates to 336 x 250ml glasses. So, you can see how the savings can quickly stack up over a year. What’s more, all new Fohen Futura Fizz fizzy water taps come complete with a CO2 canister so you can enjoy effervescent drinks right away.

Upgrade your kitchen with a sparkling water tap.

As we’ve learned, sparkling water taps offer many benefits. As well as being a new kitchen must-have, they can enhance hydration habits, save money, improve overall wellness, and reduce plastic bottle waste.

With the Fohen Futura Fizz range, you get much more than just fizzy water on demand. These stylish sparkling and 98 degree boiling water taps dispense instant hot water, chilled filtered water, and mains hot and cold. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Futura Fizz range to discover your new favourite kitchen accessory.

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