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Multi-functional boiling water taps for the modern kitchen

Fohen’s innovative, multi-functional boiling water taps provide the types of water to transform your kitchen experience. Get boiling, filtered, chilled and sparkling water, in an instant. Designed to save time and energy, our beautifully styled taps enhance the look and feel of any home. Fohen. The finishing touch to your kitchen.

Why choose Fohen?

With a strong innovation focus, Fohen is at the cutting edge of British product design.

We’re driven by an ethos of innovation and a dedication to high-quality materials and processes.

Our easy-to-use and install single units prioritise the perfect balance of design style, practicality and functionality.

Save water

Having 2.4 litres of piping hot water literally on tap means you’ll only use the exact amount of water you need, eliminating the need to guess quantities and minimising waste.

Purity filtered

The Fohen Carbon & Phosphate filter helps to prevent limescale from sticking to components and removes chemical impurities from your mains water supply, even in the hardest water regions.

Energy efficient

The daily running cost of our boiling water tap systems is cheaper than boiling a kettle three times a day, making it one of the most efficient appliances in the kitchen.

Safety first

We understand how important it is to ensure safety with boiling water in the kitchen, so we’ve designed our taps with child-safety catches, and our new digital taps with safety locks.

Save space

Our compact instant boiling water tanks fit seamlessly under almost any kitchen counter, without obstruction.

Built to last

Crafted with care and manufactured from the highest-grade raw materials, finished with our super-durable colour coating technology and individually tested by hand.