Chilled Water Taps: The Ultimate Guide

Chilled Water Taps: The Ultimate Guide

Chilled water taps are becoming increasingly popular, promising enhanced convenience and refreshing cooled water straight from the tap. Say goodbye to refrigerating jugs of water or using precious fridge space for cold water dispensers.

In our busy modern lives, time saving innovations can make a big difference, but are chilled water taps really worth it? We explore the pros and cons to help you decide if a chiller tap is a good fit for your lifestyle.


What is a chilled water tap?

Simply put, a chilled water tap dispenses ice cold water straight from a kitchen tap. They connect to your mains drinking water supply and feature an integrated chiller tank to cool drinking water ready for dispensing on demand. Many models also incorporate water filtration systems to remove contaminants and unpleasant odours, while improving water quality and taste.


Types of Chiller Taps

With quite a few chiller taps on the market, it can be confusing deciding which style is right for you. Some models only dispense chilled water, while others also feature boiling or sparkling. If you are researching these taps, you’ll likely come across a few different options such as:


● Chilled water only

● Chilled filtered water only

● Filtered chilled & sparkling water

● Instant boiling & chilled filtered

● Instant boiling, chilled filtered + mains hot & cold

● Instant boiling, chilled filtered, sparkling + mains hot & cold


Deciding which type of chilled water tap is right for you will depend on your lifestyle, individual needs and your current system. For example, if you are upgrading your kitchen mixer tap, choosing a model that offers boiling, chilled filtered, sparking and mains water will provide an all in one solution. On the other hand, if you already have a boiler tap installed, a separate chiller tap might be best, but bear in mind that having two taps will take up more space.

One distinct advantage of combined mixer taps is their space saving appeal. Each type of water is dispensed from a single spout for total convenience and a streamlined solution.

 chrome swan neck chilled water tap


Chilled Filtered Water Tap Benefits

As well as transforming your summer experience with the luxury of preparing refreshing cool drinks in an instant, chiller taps also offer several other benefits:

1. Convenience: The convenience and luxury of a chilled filtered water tap shouldn’t be underestimated. Save time when preparing your favourite cold beverages with refreshingly cool, filtered water straight from the tap. Models that include boiling, mains, and effervescent water will only elevate your convenience to new heights.


2. Improved water quality: Integrated water filtration works hard to remove contaminants and impurities such as chlorine, limescale, chemicals and odours to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink. Your drinking water will taste cleaner, purer and provide a more satisfying hydration experience.


3. Space Saving: Fohen chiller taps use the latest in design and engineering to produce beautiful mixer taps that incorporate your mains, chilled filtered (and even sparkling water) into a single unit. The chiller and water filter are neatly hidden beneath the sink for a sleek installation.

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll no longer need a water filtration jug, and because our taps dispense boiling water too, you can confidently say goodbye to your kettle. Instantly you’ll have more worktop space, and your kitchen will feel less cluttered.


4. Save Money: Chiller taps are perfect for those that regularly buy bottled water. Having fresh, purified water instantly available will completely eliminate the need to spend on bottled water and save you money on your weekly grocery shop.


5. Eco Friendly: Having cool filtered water on demand means you can drastically cut down on plastic bottle waste. As a result, you’ll have more storage space, and less recycling waste.


swan neck chilled water tap


Disadvantages of Chiller Taps

Although the benefits greatly outweigh any disadvantages, you may need to consider the following before you buy a chilled water tap:


Space Requirements: Chiller taps require space underneath the sink to house the chiller tank and filtration system. Brands like Fohen recognise this and have engineered systems to ensure a streamlined, space saving installation. Always ensure to measure the space underneath your sink before you go ahead and purchase.


Installation Cost: DIY tap installation should be relatively straight forward, however, in some cases professional installation may be required and may incur an additional cost.


Professional installation can be performed by the plumber of your choice or by a manufacturer approved installer. At Fohen, all our taps are available to buy with or without professional installation. Our fitting service offers a cost-effective option for those that prefer to leave installation to the professionals.


Replacement Water Filters: Water filters will need to be replaced every once in a while, to ensure proper water filtration. You should always buy filters from the original manufacturer.


Water filters from Fohen last around 6-8 months depending on the type you choose, providing a cost-effective solution.


Discover Fohen Chilled Water Taps in 3 Luxurious Styles & Colours


At Fohen, we’ve designed a range of robust, stylish chilled water taps that will seamlessly integrate into your existing kitchen design. Offering three stunning models in three stylish colours, you can choose the perfect faucet to enhance convenience and complement your space.

From classic antique style unfinished brass taps with an elegant swan neck, to ultra chic matte black chiller taps with a contemporary square bend, our mission is to bring you the latest kitchen tap innovations, no matter your style. The 4 in 1 tap range comes in two beautiful designs; Fedina, and Fervente. Each style dispenses chilled filtered water, boiling hot water, and mains hot and cold. Both styles are available in either matte black, chrome or unfinished brass. If you fancy adding a little fizz to your hydration rituals, our 5 in 1 taps provide the added benefit of sparkling water on demand too. This premium range is available in either chrome or matte black, and has a modern square bend spout. Whichever style you choose, rest assured that all styles benefit from child safety features for complete peace of mind.


chilled water tap brass