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Yorkshire Born & Bred...

Everyone knows Yorkshire for one thing... cups of tea. So it's hardly surprising that our entire operation is still co-coordinated from our Leeds offices. Still to this day, owned and operated by the founding Director, at Fohën we strive for perfection in every element of our existence. From the robust manufacturing process of our instant boiling water taps, their extensive UK quality testing programme and world-class customer service, we set out to be the best and being the best means the 'trying' never stops.

Originally found by Mr A Herrick, it doesn't take much to make the connection between the German name 'Herrick', meaning Army Leader, and the rapidly growing instant boiling water tap brand name, Fohën.


Europe's Finest Design & Engineering Expertise

Our reputation at Fohën is based on our core values, to deliver the best in design and quality so that every Fohën product is an ambassador for our brand, making your life easier, happier, better.

Good design often means as little design as possible—paring down to only the essential elements required to achieve the desired effect. The principle of ‘simplicity by design’ is that a good design solution is the most simple solution to the design problem.

Our instant boiling water taps deliver great results and look great by simply adhering to this principle.

Revolutionise your kitchen with a Fohën instant boiling water tap

Quality tested

Each Fohën tap undergoes countless tests to assess it reliability, durability, flow and load. This is the only way to ensure that our customers always have the best possible experience, even after many years. Fohën is constantly striving to achieve ongoing innovation in all areas for our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Innovation is at the heart of everything

Ongoing innovation is part our DNA. The company has understood how to go with the times but still retain its identity. Quality, authenticity and an all-embracing innovation culture: these are the classic attributes which give our consumers confidence and reassurance in the Fohën name.

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Live your life, enjoy your kitchen

The right sense for trends, a feeling for design and extensive know-how in production are important success factors for the Fohën brand: Balanced, harmonious designs and line orientation, always in conjunction with reliable functionality, give our products their unique, unmistakable character – stylish, intelligent and aesthetically pleasing.

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