Fohen's 9 Reasons Why Us

Built To Last 

Manufactured from the highest grade raw materials, finished using our super-durable colour coating technology and individually human-hand tested, it is the care invested into crafting each tap that makes Fohen one of the most trusted producers in our field.

Water Saving 

Having 2.4 litres of piping hot 98.9°C water literally on tap means you will only ever use the exact amount of water you need, leaving kettle filling guestimates as a thing of the past.


Using cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing technologies allows Fohen to produce aspirational Instant Boiling Water Taps at affordable prices.

Purity Filtered  

Maximising the thirst-quenching magnificence and product lifespan, the Fohen Carbon Purity Filter removes almost all limescale & chemical impurities found in your mains water supply, making it perfect for even the hardest of hard water regions. See pages 42-43 of our Brochure for more information.

Space Saving 

Measuring at an impressively compact 315 x 210 x 210mm, the Fohen Instant Boiling Water tank is able to fit seamlessly under almost any kitchen counter, without obstruction.

Extra Safe 

Each tap comes fitted with a spring-loaded, redundancy based, safety catch. The safety catch must be depressed before the boiling water handle can be operated and once the hand is removed from the handle, the spring mechanism automatically closes the water supply.

Time Saving  

Having piping hot, 98.9°C water available on demand is guaranteed to save you time each day. With the average adult boiling a kettle 4 times per day at an average boil time of 85 seconds, a Fohen Instant Boiling Water Tap would save 1.4 days every year simply waiting for the kettle to boil.

Energy Efficient  

Recent studies have shown that a standard kettle costs, on average, 2.5p to boil once. The Fohen Instant Boiling Water Tap system costs as little as 3p per day to run, making it one of the most efficient kitchen appliances available today.

Great Looking  

All of our taps are designed with the intention of making any kitchen look great. Using the latest coating technology, the super-durable finish of our coloured taps will outlast any traditional finishing techniques.