Professional Installation for only £99!

Fohen provide professional installation via our network of approved national water system engineers. Order today and have your tap installed within 10 working days.
To ensure everything runs smoothly, before purchasing your installation, please take a moment to consider the below requirements.

Installation Criteria

1. Plumbing - Connection is to existing services that must be live and working and we must be provided with clear details of where we can isolate either the water and or the power if required when we attend.
2. Resources - There is an installed 13 amp power socket, mains hot and cold water supply (these services must be within 500mm of intended install location below worktop height and fully accessible).
3. Pressure - The minimum hot and cold water pressure required is 1.5 bar. The maximum hot and cold water pressure is 5.0 bar.
4. Worktop - The worktop hole is predrilled and is 35mm in diameter.

How do I purchase installation?

Option 1: Purchase the tap with the option "Including Installation" selected.
Option 2: Purchase the "Installation" product here and checkout.

Who's the installation provided by?

Cascade have over 20 years Specialised Industry Experience. Cascade are fohen approved water system engineers, they have installed for over 50,000 satisfied repeat customers spread throughout the UK, their service being absolutely guaranteed by commitment to excellence.