What is a WRAS Approved Product? – Fohen UK

WRAS are funded by water companies to:

  • Support the water industry. WRAS facilitate water company collaboration to share industry learning, experience and risks and develop good practice between companies. They provide a focal point for communications with external stakeholders on the water fittings regulations.
  • Promote the water regulations. WRAS act as the central hub to disseminate information about the regulations. Education and learning are key, so they deliver training, run an advice line and promote their work via publications, their website and the media. WRAS engage with manufacturers, plumbers, consumers and employers, to encourage the right action to be taken.
  • Approve plumbers and contractors. WRAS administer WIAPS – the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme, on behalf of 14 water utility supply companies in England and Wales. Members of WIAPS are also on the UK-wide plumber register WaterSafe, which is supported by all UK water companies and is administered by WRAS. This is a trusted online register to help people find a plumber local to them who is suitably qualified and insured.


Please note Fohen 2C01A (Fahrenheit), 2C02A (Furnas) and W/B98 (Boiler) are all WRAS approved.

Resources & Publications

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