CO2 Safety Instructions


• Keep out of reach of children.

• Use according to MSDS (material safety data sheet).

• Pressurised container. Contains gas under pressure, may explode if heated.

• Protect from sunlight.

• Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50˚C.

• Do not expose to naked flame or any incandescent material.

• Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Avoid shock.

• High concentration of gas may cause asphyxiation.

• Use only in an upright position.

• The cylinder must be used with the supplied pressure regulator.

• The gas cylinder must be installed in an open plan area, or in an enclosed room with a volume no less than 22m³ per 1200g cylinder, If more than 1 gas cylinder containing CO2 is present within the same location, the recommended ventilated area should be in proportion to the number of gas cylinders stored in that location. A ventilated area is a non-enclosed area which could include the kitchen, living room etc.

• Refer to the gas cylinder and MSDS for a complete list of warnings (www.


To avoid hazards, all installation procedures must be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson. The power cable and power outlet must be in a safe visible position for connection.


Sometimes steam and / or boiling water droplets may discharge through a vent outlet on the tap. If not using the font, ensure the tap body is located so the tap outlet safely dispenses into the sink bowl.


Take care when lifting. The appliance may exceed safe lifting limits. If you feel this is beyond your personal capabilities, please seek assistance with the lift. The weight of the Command Centre is marked on the packaging. Do not lift the Command Centre by the front cover or any of its connections.


The appliance operates within the ambient temperature range 5ºC - 35ºC. Proper air circulation must be provided. The system will operate satisfactorily only if the recommended air gaps are provided. The vent kit supplied must be fitted.

CO2 connections

Be aware of the risks of hazards which could cause harm when handling compressed CO2. Read the safety instructions at the start of this instruction manual. Assess the risks before starting the installation.

1. Prepare a pressure regulator, adapter and CO2 bottle

2. Connect the pressure regulator to the CO2 bottle with the adapter.

3. Connect the pressure regulator to the under counter appliance with the CO2 braided hose supplied, see arrangement below.

4. Secure the CO2 bottle with the strap provided.

CO2 Safety


CO2 Connection