Why Fohën is better for the environment, your pocket & your health

Better for The Environment

Recent studies have shown that a standard kettle costs, on average, 3p to boil once, and on average a kettle is boiled 4 times per day. 

The Fohën instant boiling water tap system costs as little as 8.7p per day to run, making it one of the most efficient kitchen appliances available today.  The secret to the success of the Fohën system is in the unassuming innovative boiler tank unit which discreetly slips away under your sink unit to do all the hard work. 

Having 2.4 litres of piping hot 98.9°C water literally on tap means you will only ever use the exact amount of water you need, leaving kettle filling guestimates as a thing of the past.

As we are all aware, climate change is upon us and is showing no immediate signs of slowing down. Therefore, we must make conscious choices to collectively expedite its prevention. We must consume less and make eco-friendly choices. Although it might feel like a luxury to have filtered boiling water on tap, a Fohën tap is a sustainable purchase. With a Fohën boiling water tap in the kitchen, you save water and energy, plus all our packaging is recyclable.

In addition to saving water and energy, a boiling water tap has a filter that prevents limescale from forming, as it does in a kettle.  This build-up of limescale in a kettle is due to all the impurities in mains water, however, the Fohën carbon filter removes calcium, magnesium, chlorine & dirt particles.

Better for Your Pocket

The Fohën instant boiling water tap system costs as little as 8.7p per day to run, which is a saving of 3.3p per day based on the average number of times a kettle is boiled per day. This excludes the number of times a kettle is re-boiled as it has cooled down or to boil a pan of water for cooking. 

Better for Your Health

With a Fohën tap in your home, you can enjoy great-tasting drinking water all day, every day due to the carbon purity filter that removes limescale & chemical impurities found in the mains water supply. 

Water that flows through this carbon filter leaves all impurities behind in the filter.  Added to that, the water is ‘boiled through’ because it is stored in the tank at a temperature of 98.9ºC. 

In addition to this, research published in the journal 'Nature Food' shows that boiling water in a traditional plastic kettle could contain more than 10 million micro-plastic particles which can be harmful to your health.

It is not just plastic kettles that are affected, boiling water affects plastic whilst preparing formula milk in baby bottles.  The research found that the average 12-month old infant being fed formula is drinking 2.6 million tiny microplastic particles a day.

So why wait? Investing in a Fohën boiling water tap has more benefits than an antiquated kettle. Order your tap online today.