Six reasons why you should consider a black kitchen tap

Fohen matt black tap in a stylish kitchen

The colour black has many connotations, from magical cats to the night sky. But in recent years – particularly this year if bathrooms on TikTok are anything to go by – black has taken on a new connotation: taps!

Black taps are all the rage this year, stealing the limelight from their chrome siblings. And according to Google Trends, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity since 2012.

We’d like to encourage this trend as we think high-quality black faucets look great anywhere. So here are six reasons why you should consider installing one at home.


1.      Black taps are surprisingly versatile


Nowadays a lot of bathrooms and kitchens feature a neutral palette. This is a great option if you’re trying to create a light and airy atmosphere, but it also has the added benefit of complementing black fixtures and fittings.

Black kitchen mixer taps contrast beautifully with soft colour schemes. Best of all, if you pare back your decor and decorate using only neutral colours, the tapware and basin stand out even more, creating an elegant focal point.


2.      Black taps are easier to keep clean


If you’re not a fan of polishing, or have a busy family life, black basin mixer taps can simplify your daily cleaning routine. Their matt black finish makes it harder to see fingerprints and marks, and because black tapware is electroplated it’s much more resistant to scratches.


How to clean a black tap


Even though it’s harder to see marks and fingerprints on black taps, they still need a bit of TLC to stay in tip-top shape. So here’s how to clean your black tap in four simple steps:


  1. Some chemical cleaners are too abrasive for everyday use, so before getting started it’s always a good idea to test any new detergents on a small area of your tap.
  2. When you're confident your detergent won’t cause any damage, spray it on a microfibre cloth then wipe down your tap, focusing on hard-to-reach areas and places where limescale builds up.
  3. Once your tap is looking fresh, rinse out your cloth in warm water and wipe down your tap from top to bottom, being careful to remove any leftover cleaning product.
  4. Tah-dah! Your matt black tap is now spotlessly clean.



3.      Black taps look great paired with natural materials


Natural materials are incredibly common in kitchens and bathrooms. Materials like marble, glass and quartz are easy to clean, and their natural hardiness means they can withstand regular changes in temperature and humidity.

Black taps contrast beautifully with these materials. Their dark finish make lighter surfaces stand out and add interest to otherwise bland rooms. You can also accentuate high-contrast colour schemes by keeping plants and playing with texture. 


 4.      Black taps are social media friendly


Most selfie takers are more concerned with the foreground than the background. But if you want every pixel of your latest selfie to look the part, it’s important your home looks just as good as you do. 

Black taps are a quick and easy way to make a drab-looking kitchen more fashionable. Matt black taps conceal fingerprints too, so they’re much easier to keep clean.


5.      Black taps can add drama to a room


As the family hub of the home, kitchens are typically styled for comfort and practicality. But if you’re not one for convention and want to spice up your decor, then a statement sink or matt black tap is a quick way to revamp your kitchen and create a more exciting space.


6.      Black finishes are available across the range


In the early 2000s, installing black tapware in your home was unheard of. Homeowners couldn’t match black fixtures and fittings so kept to the same-old colours and styles. Today, however, things have changed. Tapware comes in many finishes, and consumers can find a wide range of black bathroom taps and kitchen accessories online. 

All too often homeowners shy away from buying an ultra-modern black tap because they worry it will make too much of a statement in their kitchen. In truth, black taps are incredibly versatile and suit a wide range of homes and decors.

If you’re interested in learning more about our fashion-forward black taps, you can find the entire Fohen range here: