How To Choose an Instant Boiling Water Tap To Match Your Kitchen

How To Choose an Instant Boiling Water Tap To Match Your Kitchen

Are you looking for the perfect instant boiling water tap to match your kitchen’s style, decor and handles? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Fohen we offer different collections and colours to fit everyone’s kitchen needs from modern homes with pink taps to traditional homes with chrome taps. 

Fohen currently have over 10 different colours of boiling water taps and 5 shades of gold!

The range of tap colours include:

  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Gunmetal
  • Pink
  • White
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Bronze


Our extensive range of boiling water taps features some of the most durable brassware available around the world today. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, our magnificent colour finishes are achieved using a process called Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). 

Our PVD coating process is by far the most durable coating available on the market today and works by placing each tap in an externally heated vacuum chamber before repeatedly applying vaporised pigments for your chosen colour. All taps come complete with a 2 years warranty as standard.

Our Automatic Warranty Registration means that there’s no need for you to do anything to activate your warranty once your purchase is complete. Your Carbon Purity Filter must be replaced every 6 months to maintain the warranty of your system.

The Fohen boiling water system is very safe to use and provides boiling water straight from the tap. The boiler is an unvented system that reduces the amount of plumbing required and heats the water to 98°C. The boiling water runs independently through the centre of the spout ensuring your tap is always cool to the touch. The tap delivers a safe, controlled flow of water from the spout, eliminating any dangerous spitting or spurting and also features a 360° swivel spout for ease of use and accessibility.

We understand that choosing the right colour tap can be a challenge and can be stressful, so if you are not entirely sure, you can send us a sample or a door handle and we will gladly recommend a suitable boiling water tap.  We also provide free 30 day returns, to help you make the right decision.

All Fohen taps are crafted from the highest-grade raw materials and individually hand-tested, our entire range of 3-in-1 boiling water taps come with a 2 years warranty as standard and free delivery.

Now let’s get into the 3 different tap collections we offer including Contemporary Design, Traditional Design and The Fohen Flex Collection.

Firstly we have our Contemporary Design Collection which includes: 



Fohen Fahrenheit Boiling Water Tap

The Fahrenheit is a modern tap with a square 360 degree spout. The tap delivers standard hot and cold water dispensed effortlessly to your desired temperature and flow rate through the easy-to-use swivel mixer lever.

The Fahrenheit style comes in 12 different colours including: Polished Chrome, Brushed Gold, Matt Black, Gunmetal Grey, Unfinished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Bronze, Champagne Gold, Polished Nickel, Silk White, Titanium Gold and Satin Pink. 



Fohen Furnas Boiling Water Tap

The Furnas is a minimalist contemporary design meets the traditional swan neck tap spout. The Fohen Furnas offers style and sophistication to any new kitchen design and delivers new life to those upgrading.

The Furnas style comes in 13 different colours including: Brushed Gold, Matt Black, Unfinished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Copper, Polished Chrome, Gunmetal Grey, Champagne Gold, Titanium Gold, Polished Bronze, Polished Nickel, Satin Pink and Silk White. 



Fohen Flagro Boiling Water Tap

The Flagro Instant Boiling Water Tap has a shorter handle which is ideal for sinks with restricted space. It is functional, easy to use, fit, and maintain and like all our taps, comes complete with an easy-to-replace carbon filter.

The Flagro style comes in 4 different colours: Brushed Gold, Matt Black, Polished Chrome and Unfinished Brass. 



Fohen Focetti Boiling Water Tap

The perfect fusion of both contemporary and classic design. The Fohen Focetti offers a minimalistic and modern tap base with a traditional swan neck spout and a shorter handle.

The Focetti style comes in 4 different colours: Brushed Gold, Matt Black, Polished Chrome and Unfinished Brass. 



Fohen Figaro Boiling Water Tap

Make a bold statement in your kitchen with the Fohen Figaro. Constructed from high-grade brassware, this robust, contemporary 3-in-1 boiling water tap will revolutionise your kitchen.

The Figaro style comes in 4 different colours: Brushed Gold, Matt Black, Polished Chrome and Unfinished Brass. 



Fohen Florence Boiling Water Tap

The Florence is the perfect fusion of a robust premium-grade tap with a classic swan-neck style design. The Fohen Florence offers a sturdy and modern tap base with a traditional swan neck spout.

The Florence style comes in 4 different colours: Matt Black, Polished Chrome, Brushed Gold and Unfinished Brass.


Next, we have our Traditional Design Collection which includes:



Fohen Fantale Boiling Water Tap

The Fantale style is perfect if your kitchen has more of a traditional look, the Fohen Fantale range offers all the high-quality performance of up-to-the-minute tap design with a timeless period look

The Fantale style comes in 4 different colours: Brushed Gold, Polished Chrome, Brushed Gunmetal and Matt Black.  


Finally, we have our Fohen Flex Collection which includes:



Fohen Flex Boiling Water Tap

The revolutionary hand-held flexible spout on the Fohen Flex tap comes complete with an in-built hydro-aerator for hot & cold mains supplied water. With both the hand-held flexible spout and the 360° swivel boiling water spout, you truly can transform and modernise your kitchen.

The Flex style comes in 4 different colours: Polished Chrome, Matt Black, Brushed Gold and Unfinished Brass. 



Fohen Flare Boiling Water Tap

The classic ceramic mixer lever handles are met with the modern functionality of a 360-degree swivel boiling water spout and a separate hand-held flexible spout.

The Flare style comes in 3 different colours: Polished Chrome, Matt Black and Brushed Gold. 

This wide range of colours and designs are perfect for any home. If you are still struggling to choose a tap, why don’t you have a look at our blog ‘Fohen Customer Photos’ where you can potentially find a similar kitchen designs to your own and you’ll be able to really picture how your Fohen 3 in 1 instant boiling water tap will look in your home. 

View the entire collection of colourful instant boiling water taps here.

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