Fohen Customer Review - Sharn

Fohen Customer Review - Sharn

Why did you choose a fohen boiling water tap?

There’s a lot of choice out there now, but Fohen’s colour range and prices really drew me in. I knew I wanted something beyond the standard chrome to make our kitchen feel extra special, so when I found the pink Fahrenheit tap it was love at first sight! We also wanted something that was simple to use and didn’t take up too much space under the sink. The boiler unit is nice and compact, and the whole system is significantly cheaper compared to other big brands out there. What’s not to love?

 Pink Instant Boiling Water Tap

What do you like about your boiling water tap?

I love that it’s just a bit different. I get so many comments about how amazing the pink tap is – it’s not something you see every day and it really is the star of the kitchen. The fact that the hot water temperature is adjustable too is a real plus. My partner is a proper coffee-head and is beyond happy that he can set it at a precise temperature for the perfect brew! I also love that I’ll no longer need a kettle out on the kitchen side, goodbye annoying wires and goodbye waiting five minutes for it to boil!


Why did you choose the style and colour?

I chose pink because it’s one of my favourite colours and I’ve never been one to go for the subtle option! It’s such a fantastic shade that you can’t find anywhere else, so it’ll really give our kitchen a point of difference. The shape is simple and modern, which really allows the colour to sing. It feels luxurious yet fun, exactly the mood I want in our new kitchen!

Boiling Water Tap - Satin Pink Fahrenheit