Fohen Customer Review - Mary

Fohen Customer Review - Mary

Why did you choose a Fohen boiling water tap?

I chose a Fohen tap because it was the right price range for me and I loved the idea of having instant boiling water but I wanted it to be simple, functional and reliable. This was in the middle of the market price range. I wanted one tap that combined a simple mixer tap and a boiling water tap. 

Why did you choose this style and colour? 
I wanted an antique brass look tap and the brushed gold was just the right shade and matt finish. It goes really well with the knurled brass handles and the brass inside the pendant lights.  I also love it because it looks good after lots of use and as good as when I first got it. It shows marks far less than chrome. 
I chose the swan neck design because a curve tap shape is fits the retro style I wanted. 

boiling water tap

What do you like about your Fohen boiling water tap?
I love the convenience of the instant boiling water. I didn’t realise how much it would improve my day - having instant hot drinks during the day while I work at home now is so convenient. And cooking is so much easier as I always used to forget to boil hot water ready.  It has reduced the time I spent preparing meals so I can spend more time  relaxing in the evening. And now no one minds when it is their turn to make the coffee. 



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