Are hot water taps energy efficient?

Are hot water taps energy efficient?
Hot water taps are gaining in popularity and are quickly becoming a must have kitchen accessory. But are hot water taps energy efficient? If you are considering ditching the kettle for a stylish hot water tap but are worried it might cost more to run, you can relax. Most instant hot taps are energy efficient and are designed to use less electricity compared to a kettle.

How can they use less energy if they provide instant boiling hot water all day? We explore how these clever taps achieve energy efficiency, and why you should upgrade your kettle for a smart new kitchen tap.


It starts with the energy efficient boiler tank

Instant hot water taps are connected to a low energy insulated boiler tank. With Fohen taps, water from the mains water supply is drawn into the tank via a clever system that filters it before it is heated and ready for use. The water filtration system helps to remove impurities that can lead to limescale build-up, another contributor to energy wastage in kettles.

Once heated, the insulated tank maintains the water temperature so it is ready on demand to make a cuppa or to add to a saucepan without waiting for the kettle to boil.

Taps like the ones from Fohen, also offer the option to adjust the water temperature from 75-98° via a touch screen control on the boiler tank. So if you don’t need 98 degree boiling water all day you can reduce the temperature to save even more energy.


Only use the amount of water you need

Unlike a kettle, with a hot water tap you only use what you need. This not only saves electricity but water too. For those on a water meter, small savings can make a big difference to the yearly water bill. Not to mention, water is a precious resource and should be used sparingly whenever possible.

When using a kettle, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much water you will need. This can often lead to overfilling and heating more water than you need, resulting in wasted water and energy. Even if you only heat a little more than you use, the extra energy use can quickly add up over the course of a year.


Do kettles waste energy?

The average kettle only has around 80% efficiency. Of course, this will vary depending on the model you use. Naturally, heat escapes through the spout and is also conducted through the body of the kettle. This means that you could be wasting up to 20% of the energy it takes to boil a kettle every time you use it.

A Fohen boiler tank on the other hand, is heavily insulated meaning that heat cannot escape like it does with a kettle. This combined with the tank’s low energy design maximises energy efficiency. As a result, a Fohen 98° boiling water tap will use much less energy compared to a standard kettle.


How much does it cost to boil a kettle vs a hot water tap?

The average electric kettle can hold up to 1.7 litres of water and takes around four minutes to boil. To calculate the cost it takes to boil a full 2200w kettle we’ll assume the average cost of electricity is 30p per kilowatt hour, as per July 2023’s UK energy price cap. Boiling one full kettle will cost approximately 6 pence. If you boil a full kettle frequently every day, the cost will multiply each time you use it.

A Fohen tap boiler tank can hold 2.4 litres of water - enough for at least 6 cups of tea. The innovative low energy insulated unvented tank will cost around £0.09 to run per day based on today’s electricity costs. This includes keeping a full tank heated throughout the day plus the heating of additional water after each use. You’ll also benefit from the convenience of instant hot water on demand, saving time in your busy day.


Can you really save money on your energy bills with a boiler tap?

Households or offices that use the kettle more often will benefit most from saving money on energy bills with a boiler tap. But even if you only use piping hot water a few times throughout the day, you can still make a saving and get the feel good factor from doing your bit for the planet.

It’s worth remembering that a hot water tap has many more uses other than just making a cup of tea. You can use it for cooking, cleaning and rinsing dishes without the hassle of waiting for the kettle to boil.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or not, these clever taps will free up worktop space and become a focal point in your kitchen.

Once regarded as a luxury item, new innovations are making these taps become a necessity. With new models that dispense filtered chilled water and even sparkling too, in addition to standard hot and cold, plus boiling hot water, your tap will become your favourite kitchen appliance before you know it.


Save Energy with a Fohen Hot Water Tap

If you’re looking for an energy efficient hot water tap, Fohen has something to suit any taste and budget. Take a look at our 3 in 1 taps that dispense hot, cold and piping hot water. Or if you are looking for a tap to make exciting cold drinks, as well as hot beverages, discover our filtered chilled and 5 in 1 sparkling water taps that can help you save on plastic bottle waste. Discover the range at Fohen today.