Are boiling water taps worth it?

Are boiling water taps worth it?

People have asked “Are boiling water taps worth it?” This article explains why we like many others believe the answer to this question, is yes.

The Fohen 3-in-1 boiling water tap delivers instant hot water straight from your kitchen tap.  The 98° instant prefiltered water is passed through our cool touch taps and is hot enough to brew a cup of tea or coffee several times before it automatically refills.

The tap features a 360° swivel spout for ease of use and flexibility, a double spring-loaded child-safe lock and a cool touch spout. Designed to save you time cooking, eradicating your need for a kettle and keeping your worktops clear from kitchen clutter!

Our boiling water system is a compact brushed stainless steel 2.4 Litre Tank that can fit unobtrusively under your sink. With the touch screen digital display, you can adjust the temperature from 75° to 98°. Cold water from your mains is filtered into the water tank, which is then boiled within the tank to your set temperature. Other units on the market require separate cold-water supply and plumbing but not with Fohen! Our unique system does not need extra pipework, and as an unvented system, it's quick and easy to install. There’s no excess discharge, saving you on water and metered bills!

Here is a list of the main reasons why a boiling water tap is worth it.

  • Save time

Having piping hot, 98.9°C water available on demand is guaranteed to save you time each day. With the average person boiling a kettle 4 times per day at an average boil time of 85 seconds, a Fohen Instant Boiling Water Tap would save 1.4 days every year simply waiting for the kettle to boil.

  • Save money

The Fohen instant boiling water tap system costs as little as 9p per day to run, which is a saving of 3p per day based on the average number of times a kettle is boiled per day. This excludes the number of times a kettle is re-boiled as it has cooled down or to boil a pan of water for cooking.

  • Looks amazing 

A boiling water tap is the centre piece of any kitchen. Fohen taps are designed with the intention of making any kitchen look great. We keep up to date with the latest trends and colours to ensure our taps compliment your kitchen.  Using the latest coating technology, the super-durable finish of our coloured taps will outlast any traditional finishing techniques and are backed by a 2 years warranty.

  • Remove clutter

With a Fohen 3-in-1 tap there is no need for a kettle, so remove the clutter and admire your new and improved spacious kitchen worktop.

  • Compliment your kitchen

Available in 10 outstanding colour finishes, our extensive range of boiling water taps feature amongst some of the most durable brassware available around the world today. Operating the latest cutting-edge technology, our magnificent colour finishes are achieved using a process called Physical Vapour Deposition. Our PVD coating process is by far the most durable coating available on the market today and works by placing each tap in an externally heated vacuum chamber before repeatedly applying vaporised pigments for your chosen colour.

  • Better for your health

With a Fohen 3-in-1 tap in your home, you can enjoy great-tasting drinking water all day, every day due to the carbon purity filter that removes limescale & chemical impurities found in the mains water supply. 

Water that flows through this carbon filter leaves all impurities behind in the filter.  Added to that, the water is ‘boiled through’ because it is stored in the tank at a temperature of 98.9ºC. 

In addition to this, research published in the journal 'Nature Food' shows that boiling water in a traditional plastic kettle could contain more than 10 million micro-plastic particles which can be harmful to your health.

All boiling water systems come with a 2 years warranty, free delivery, free 30-days returns and finance options if required.  View the boiling water tap collections.